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Oscar Pool Page

Yes, I’ll set it up the Do-it-yourself Oscar Pool Page again this year. It will be online Friday. Ha! Who am I kidding? It will likely be online Monday.


defective yeti is six years old and still going strong well okay intermittently to be the death of me.

Merry Christmas


Squiggle & Santa, 2007

Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine and his and hers and theirs. Thanks for reading my dumb and poorly proofread blog for yet another year.

Tales From the Gym

Last week Mother Nature dumped six billion gallons of water onto Seattle in a 24 hour period, thereby calling an official end to ride-your-bike-to-work season.

Since then I have returned to my gym. And I had forgotten what an endless supply of anecdotes the gym provides its patrons. (Some previous ones here & here & here & here & here). I think I will devote this week to relating more of them.

See You Friday

I’m taking a few days off, both to finish the books I am reading before NaNoReMo 2007, and to limber up in preparation for Friday’s Layer Tennis match, for which I will be providing (live!) color commentary. See you then.

Potter Errata

For the record, the Harry Potter post below contains no spoilers. (Or, if it does, they are inadvertent, as I know nothing about the book.)

Also, and just FYI: my review of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (which is also spoiler-free) tells you how to get caught up for Deathly Hallows without having to read all the books.

i saw u (redux)

i saw u

I saw u Thurs. at Sam’s Bar & Grill. Me: blond, blue eyes, jeans, Hooters t-shirt, approached and suggested that we go to my place so you could check out my hard drive. You: pretty, petite, dark hair, reading “Underworld”, said you’d rather eat a thumbtack sandwich than go home with me. I didn’t get your number. Call me, drinks? 5099

That’s an old post of mine from 2002, later reprinted in the book “Never Threaten To Eat Your Coworkers: Best of Blogs“.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but, as near as I can tell, some students in a Ohio State University English class are reading Never Threaten, and have been told to comment on the “i saw u” entry. As that post’s comments have long since closed, I’m creating this one in its stead. Go nuts.

P.s. I’ve been in touch with the class instructor and verified that this is on the level, despite all appearances.

P.p.s. Uncharitable comments will be deleted. The OSU students are welcome here and I’ll thank you to treat them as guests. Update: I have given up. The “go nuts” exhortation now applies to all.

In The Weeds

Totally swamped this week; don’t expect many posts.


Apparently defective yeti was name-checked in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer today.

My Seattle-related posts are available here. This is a good one. I like this one too.