Wine Experts Are Frauds

I knew it! Last night on NPR, Marketplace [realaudio link here] reported on a study to be published in the scientific journal “Brain and Languages” which suggests, in effect, that the verbage wine “experts” use when describing a wine’s bouquet is a bunch of pretentious twaddle. Here’s the BBC’s article on the findings, in which a researcher poured odorless red dye into white wine, served it to 54 students, and then recorded the drinkers’ comments, all of which described the concoction with red wine imagery.

Also: The science of getting shitfaced The “New Scientist” directory of articles relating to drunkenness. Some of my favorites: why drunk people tend to stagger more to one side than another, drunks can control their behavior if they really want to, and girls can match boys drink for drink, so long as they stick to beer.