2011 Projects

Last year, in lieu of making New Year’s Resolutions, I instead posted my 2010 Projects List, a compilation of twelve creative endeavors I had intended to tackle in the coming months.

I have decided to do so again this year. Post the 2010 list, I mean. I may as well, as I made very little headway on any of them.

In my defense, 2010 rather unexpectedly wound up being a year of career development (buy me a beer some time and I’ll tell ya the whole yarn), which left very little time for side projects. Also, there were some really great flash games released. The Crush the Castle series alone (1, , 2) is responsible for at least eight of those projects not even getting started.

So why post them again? Well, for starters, I have recently reconnected with my muse. Despite the radio silence on this blog, I have been busy behind the scenes, making appearances on NPR, participating in storytelling performances, and working on some stuff for The Morning News (more on that anon). So there’s hope. Also, having now become the poster child for the Peter Principle, it is unlikely I will again be promoted this year or honestly ever again. That will totally free up some time.

As before, my working definition of a Project is: a voluntary endeavor that requires a substantial chunk of time to complete (at least two weeks of effort), and one in which success is not dependent on third parties (i.e., writing a short story is a Project; having a magazine buy it is out of scope). I used to limit these to “creative” Projects only, but have thrown a few “Personal Development” items on this year’s list because, frankly, they are in dire need of doin’.

And so, the Projects 2011 list. “Log Lines” are intentionally vague–I have been told (and believe) that revealing too much about a creative project lessens one’s motivation to actually do it, as you get credit for the “great idea” and call it good. I will revise these entries with more information over the year as projects are actually undertaken (or scrapped).



Log Line


Vending Spree

Writing, Internet

Consume and review every itme in my office vending machine.

About half done. Going to post on Tuesdays and Thursday until it is complete.

2011 Booklist

Personal Development

Read 20 recommended novels in 2011.

Have read two and am working through a third. Next step: put out a call for recommendations and assemble the 2011 Booklist.


Writing, Internet

Lists! Everyone enjoys lists!

In progress. The website is registered, and I have already written some of the webscripts. Next step: put out a call for lists.

Bicycle Project


This involves three separate endeavors: an article for The Morning News, a related short story, and the realization of a t-shirt idea I have carried around in my head for a while.

Spring (i.e., the onset of cycling season) would be the logical time for this.


Game Design

Set collection card game with what I believe to be some pretty cool and original mechanisms.

Created some files for the prototype, need to print those out and start solo playtesting. Will document the progress of the game’s design on dy.

Birthday Treasure Hunt 2011

Game Design

This is something that I did more-or-less annually, until parenthood caught up with me. My 40th seems like a good time to resume the tradition, though. You can see summaries of previous hunts here, here, and here.

I currently working with my buddy Adam on a similar project, and will then transition to my own. My birthday is in March, though that seems a little too aggressive for completion. Perhaps July?

Twelve Articles for The Morning News

Writing, Internet

Technically I am a contributing writer for those guys, although lately I have been neither contributing nor writering …

Sending one in tomorrow, and I have two more queued up.

Girl of His Dream


Short story I started last year and then unaccountably abandoned.

Have written the first third, know the ending. Just got to pound out that pesky “middle part”.

Book proposal


I got the idea, now I just need the time …

Not started.



I cut my screenwriting teeth on that script for The Office, now I’d like to do a full-length screenplay.

Have a few candidates, need to decide which idea to take on.


Game design

A humorous party / negotiation game based on the congressional machinations.

Not started. Maybe contact Christian Leonhard & Jason Matthews for advice and inspiration?

Health Maintenance

Personal Development

I’m actually in better shape than I have been in years, but I need to (1) get down to 155 lb. and (2) shake my shoulder impingement.

Vegetables! We hates them forever!

I have more, but I’m going to keep it at a dozen for now.

And here are some Tasks that are currently on my plate. I’ll also limit this to 12 to keep Teh Overwhelm at bay.


Associated Project


Grow a beard

Looking awesome


Get the 2011 Make-Yer-Own Oscar Pool Page operational


Finish ToB write-up

Write 12 TMN articles


Assemble 2011 Booklist

2011 Booklist

In progress: I already have 10 novels. Put out call for recommendations and finalize list this week.

Write Non-expert piece for TMN

Write 12 TMN articles


Create 2011 Project database / page

Not started. Maybe get this done by 02/15?

Write first FF piece for TMN

Write 12 TMN articles

Self-imposed deadline: 02/28.

See and review all “Best Picture” nominees before Oscar night

Overambitious? Have seen four so far; six to go before 02/27.

Update: First three capsule reviews here.

Rework and playtest original game “Crash Course”

Not started. Schedule a playtest night.

Fix the endgame problem and playtest original game “Day Trader”

Not started. Schedule a playtest night.

Write something for Jay is Games

I should totally like do that!

Tangled Web


Need to do something with this. Maybe just release it into the wild and call it good?