PAX Primer

Last month I attended the 2011 Penny Arcade Expo. Last week I wrote a ridiculous amount of words about it. And today The Morning News published every single one of those words, in the form of PAX Primer.

I grateful to a lot of people for their help. First and foremost Anthony Yvarra, a.k.a. Nerdgasm, who gamely (ha) answered my questions about the fabulous life of an Omeganaut. Sarah Giffrow of SGC, who generously allowed use of her beautiful and evocative photographs. And Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade, who let me reprint some PA strips and then publicized the article by tweeting about it this morning.

And a thank you to novelist Nicholson Baker as well. I had intended to write my report in the week following PAX, but kept putting it off; I may never have done so had I not read Painkiller Deathstreak, in which Baker plays video games for the first time in his life, mostly the first-person shooters recommended by his teenage son, and then simply describes them. It’s an amazing piece, and inspired me to knuckle down on my own longform chronicle of gaming. Do not read Baker’s article just before reading my essay, or just after reading my essay, or within a year of reading my essay before or after, but please read it.