Tabletop Day Seattle

Wil Wheaton and the fine folks at Geek and Sundry have declared March 30 to be Tabletop Day.

The Tabletop website has a map of events, including many in Seattle, but I’m going to list them here as well for convenience. I’ll keep this post updated as a receive new information.

  • Blue Highway Games (Queen Anne): No specifics yet, but “Board Game Challenge” events are being created for 03/30. [Event link]
  • Cafe Mox (Ballard): The International TableTop Extravaganza! It will be going ALL DAY and will have some pretty great Guests, including Mike Selinker (Loneshark Games), Paul Peterson (Smash-Up, Guillotine, etc.), James Ernest (Cheapass Games), Chris Dupois (Wizards of the Coast), NPC Aaron & NPC Chris (NPCCast), Flying Frog Games (Last Night On Earth, Fortune and Glory, etc.), Passport Games (Trajan, Tokaido, Kalua), Privateer Press, and more. [Event link]
  • Dawgsled Events (Downtown): “From 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, we will have the run of the entire 76th floor (that’s the top!) of the Columbia Tower. There will be games, games and more games! We’ll also have live streaming of the main Table Top Day event in Los Angeles. General admission tickets currently cost $15; your admission gets you into the event and gets you a catered lunch. The price of drinks is not included, but drinks are available for purchase. Because there will be alcoholic beverages available, this event is for gamers 21 and older.” [Event Link]
  • Gamma Ray Games (Capitol Hill):

    They do indeed. Mandy McGee and Jason “Kantrip” Calhoun of Extollere will host the festivities. [Event link]

  • Wayward Coffeehouse (Roosevelt): “We have reserved blocks of time for gaming groups, and several are already set to play at Wayward on Tabletop Day. We have tables that can accommodate parties from 2-10, and we encourage groups can reserve a table in advance. We especially are hoping for more groups who want to play in the morning as the afternoon is quickly filling up! Individuals who don’t have a group to play with can show up and join something in progress. We have live music that night, 8-10 pm, but its a geeky filk music performer (Hello, The Future) to fit in with the day! To request a table reservation please email with the date (March 30th), number of people, start and end time, and name of the gaming group.”
  • Burlesque Board Games (First Hill): “Are you a burlesque performer, producer or fan? Do you like board games? Do you want to get all sparkly and play board games with other burlesque performers, producers and fans? Then come to Burlesque Board Games on International TableTop Day! Presented by Unnatural Redhead Productions, Smooches and Science Presents, and GeekGirlCon.” [Event link]
  • Uncle Games (Eastside): “Board Game party featuring local gaming celebrities and publishers! 3:00pm until 11:45pm.” [Event link Bellevue] [Event link Redmond]
  • Norwescon 36 (Sea-Tac): Norwescon is the Pacific Northwest’s Premiere Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention and one of the largest regional Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions in the United States. Norwescon 36 will offer tons of opportunities to get your game on, and is proud to be an official event site for International TableTopDay on Saturday, March 30th![Event link]
  • Games at Top Pot Doughnuts (Renton): “We are a small gaming group, and the cafe we normally play at every couple of weeks, Top Pot Doughnuts at the Renton Landing, has given us the go-ahead to have the event there. It’s a decent-sized cafe that can host 30 or so people inside, and probably 10 more outside. They’re always great to us when we’re there, so please make sure to purchase drinks and doughnuts and sandwiches from them while you’re there playing games.” [Event link]
  • Fantasium Comics & Games (Federal Way): “We will be hosting a variety of game demos as well as providing a library of games for you to play.” [Event link]

More events as I learn of them.

I will be out and about that day, though I don’t yet know where. If you are interested in gaming with me — and perhaps receiving a tutorial on one of the games you’ve purchased through my Good Gift Game Guides — let me know in the comments, by email, or via Twitter, and I’ll keep you in the loop.

Meanwhile, In Congress …

“Oh my God, our approval rating is below 15%! We have to fix this sequestration mess before Friday!”

“Or — hear me out — or we could spend the week making the biggest and best Harlem Shake video yet!”

You totally know this conversation took place.